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What is Barter?

Barter is a trading mechanic which allows clients to drive additional return on their investments to help solve internal business issues.


Barter is simply a different way of paying for your media. This creates a margin which is then shared with clients.

It is a great way to trade in media and benefits everyone in the chain including clients, agencies and media owners. 

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Turn something you don’t want, into something you do want! You can benefit from Barter as it enables you to solve your internal business issues. Each trading mechanic is bespoke to your individual needs, providing financial solutions for you. Whether you have unwanted stock due to this pandemic, need additional ROI on sales and your advertising investments, or to simply fund other areas of requirements. These could range from product distribution, new routes to market, media production, audit, data or research costs.

Avvy was brilliant to work with  


she made Barter easy for the 02 team to understand, brokered fantastic deals for the clients and was always good fun to be around.

Meghan Weatherill

Client Director at Havas Media UK

I have worked with Avvy in a Barter capacity both at Active International and Havas Media over the past ten years.  She has in depth knowledge of Barter, has always been very professional and understands client needs.  She is flexible and very accountable in every way, really ensuring that the whole process is smooth. I would have no hesitation in using Avvy Barter Consultancy and recommending clients to her.

Jo Blake

Trading and Investment Director at M.i. Media

Business Team

Media agencies

As a consultant, I work closely with media agencies to maximise Barter opportunities where possible. Agencies also benefit from the additional value that Barter brings to the table. Spotting a Barter opportunity isn’t always difficult, however, implementing a seamless process and ensuring that everyone is comfortable with it is! After substantially growing the Barter division at Havas Media for 5 years, I pride myself on being adept at coaching all levels of agency personnel through the intricacies of Barter regardless of their experience.

I have worked with Avvy for over 9 years at both Barter and agency level and have always had an excellent working relationship with her. She continually looks to improve every plan she works on and, as a media owner, I have always felt she strives to maximise our effectiveness on any campaign we are pitching for. In particular her strong knowledge of OOH enables us to identify exactly where we can add value and grow the client’s reach across their TA. Over the years, I have frequently found Avvy straight forward with what is needed from us and clear with any challenges we face, allowing us to deliver the best solution for any brief, or identify where we need to improve. She is fantastic to work with and is an unbelievably valuable contact for the team.

Cedric Rouse

Head of Product - Outdoor at Global

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Media Owners
Soccer on TV

Media Owners 

Extra value is created via partnerships with media owners across all media channels. We bring them incremental business and new clients, they trade using their media space, which in turn pays for their business costs. Their costs can range from client entertainment, utilities and telecommunication costs, to office supplies.  Most media owners are Barter partners with all barter agencies and our capabilities are endless.

From a Media Owner perspective, Avvy made it extremely easy for me to understand the principles and benefits of Barter trading. As a business, we had little knowledge of Barter which she helped with, at her time in Havas Media. In a proactive way, we grew our billings accordingly in a very short space of time. Avvy was there to assist across the whole process and solved any problems from the client to the agency side. Avvy got to know our business, and what was doable using her nous and professional approach. She is a pleasure to work with and will pick up the phone at any time!

Paul Carr - Managing Director

at Rockbox Advertising

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Value Creation
Meet Avvy
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How is value created?


As Barter agencies pay for media owners’ business cost, they receive a ratio of media space. This creates a leverage position and a margin, which is then shared with clients and agencies. All value is based on the price and parameters that the media agency or outdoor specialists negotiate. There is no compromise on the pricing and quality of media.

Meet Avvy

Hi there! I'm Avvy, after 15 years of working for the world's leading media companies, I know more than a thing or two about Barter. I can help you unlock the full power of media buying and create value from your existing assets. 

Barter is not just an exclusive model for the world's largest brands. I can help clients large and small with how to use this awesome platform and find the media solution that is right for their business, at the right time and for the right price.

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Why ABC?

Why ABC?

As the Barter industry continues to grow, all large agencies have a dedicated in-house Barter team or specialist. Some Indie agencies do too, but others are missing a trick! Why pay a salary when you can hire me on a consultancy basis with minimum cost and maximum return?! I work with most of the Barter agencies to get the best results.

Being a consultant enables me to find the best deal suited to the client and agency without compromising any briefs or plans. I devote my expertise impartially on a strictly confidential basis with full transparency and integrity.

Some small clients often get disserviced and deprioritised. It is my job to work hard to make media budgets work harder, no matter how small!

I have known Avvy for over 10 years. She has an excellent work ethic and an extensive knowledge of the barter industry. She is one of few people to have worked in Barter on both the media agency side and for a Barter company which brings a balanced and, in some cases, unique perspective of the industry. Avvy is a very positive person and works hard to get the most out of every deal for her clients and partners.

Danny Lloyd

Founder of Fortitude Trading Limited

Mobile Phone

24 Belvedere Road, Bexleyheath, DA7 4NX

Avvy Barter Consultancy 2020

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